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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Getting Your Career on the Right Track $74.95
Developing a Plan to Further Your Career $74.95
Using Performance Appraisals to Advance Your Career $74.95

Bundle Price: $139.00
Total Savings: $85.85

Getting Your Career on the Right Track

Exploring your career options is an important part of staying on the right track. If you know where you want to go, you can take the steps to reach your goals. This course discusses the options available when you're trying to get your career on the right track. You'll discover how to make successful in-house job changes, as well as how to make lateral moves in the same company. You'll find out about approaches for creating and implementing an effective promotion plan, and learn the best ways to ask for assignments that will move your career forward. You'll also discover ways you can successfully move on to a different employer if you've exhausted all your options at your current place of work.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize strategies for identifying internal advancement and development opportunities
  • Identify considerations for making a lateral move within your organization
  • Sequence the steps for creating and implementing a promotion plan
  • Recognize the benefits of having a promotion plan
  • Identify examples of strategies for successfully asking for assignments that will advance your career
  • Recognize ways to successfully move on to a different employer
  • Use strategies to manage your career and keep it on the right track

Developing a Plan to Further Your Career

The whole notion of what a career is has changed. You are now responsible for making your own career choices, and it's not always clear which way offers the straightest path toward your goal. This course guides you through the process of taking inventory of your values, interests, skills, and needs. Then based on these findings, you can determine your strengths. This course also provides tips on how to deal with any weaknesses that are holding you back. You will also learn how to develop and implement your action plan to further your career.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the types of questions you should ask to evaluate your current career situation
  • Identify how to pinpoint your strengths
  • Recognize ways to address your weaknesses
  • Identify the types of questions you should ask to develop a vision for your future career
  • Match the methods for correcting deficiencies in your career goals with examples
  • Identify the steps involved in setting a time line
  • Use techniques to develop a career plan

Using Performance Appraisals to Advance Your Career

Employees often don't recognize the opportunities they can harness from their performance appraisals. In this course, you'll discover the value of learning how to manage the performance appraisal process on a year-round basis, and you'll be given tips for using formal and informal performance appraisals to your best advantage. This course also outlines how to implement the periodic appraisal strategy to move your career forward, and ways to recognize and use constructive criticism to improve your chances of success.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the differences between periodic and annual appraisals
  • Match features to the relevant appraisal type – monthly or quarterly
  • Recognize the opportunities your annual performance appraisal presents
  • Identify how to prepare for a performance appraisal
  • Recognize the importance of being open to receiving constructive criticism
  • Recognize examples of effectively using constructive criticism to seek corrective action
  • Match the strategies for presenting your accomplishments at an appraisal to their attributes
  • Use strategies that help a performance appraisal advance your career
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