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Save Time and Money with Effective Methods for Gathering Background Information, Searching Social Media and More!

Hiring outside help to investigate case facts is not always feasible (or practical). That's when being able to artfully find and examine information yourself becomes crucial. Gain valuable skills to recognize potential smoking guns while locating people, searching social media, gathering background information or analyzing financials. Filled with real-world examples, practical tips and fundamental tools, this full-day program will show you the best ways to obtain, dissect and interpret information from common sources available to you... and recognize key findings. You'll learn time-tested techniques you can start using right away to put yourself steps ahead of your colleagues and ensure your clients are receiving favorable outcomes - register today!

  • Review applicable laws concerning investigation practices to remain in compliance.
  • Gain valuable tips for navigating through social media sites to access and obtain necessary information for your case.
  • Explore ways to uncover crucial material from mobile devices, computers and laptops.
  • Discuss how a variety of records can be helpful to your case and how to go about getting the information you need from those records.
  • Learn how to handle gathering background information on witnesses and adversaries to get a leg up on the case.
  • Conduct your own review and analysis of important financial documents.
  • Remain ethically compliant while conducting your legal investigations.

  1. Laws Governing Investigations
    9:00 - 9:40, David K. Greer
    1. Stalking, Online Harassment and Cyberstalking
    2. Wiretapping and Recorded Calls
    3. Privacy Rights Violations
    4. Trespassing Missteps
    5. GPS and Vehicle Tracking
  2. Finding Free Legal Research and Free Case Law
    9:40 - 10:20, Brian G. Jones
    1. How to Search Google Like a Pro
    2. Finding the Shortcuts to Legal Research
    3. Finding and Using Free, Full-Text Case Law Sites
    4. Sample Briefs, Motions, Complaints and Settlements
  3. Searching Social Media
    10:35 - 11:15, Brian G. Jones
    1. Common Social Media Sites and Where to Find Useful Information
    2. Locating Hidden or Private Accounts
    3. What to do When You Can't Get Into an Account
    4. Friending/Following to Gather Evidence
    5. Recovering Deleted Data
  4. Obtaining Information from Mobile Devices, Computers and Laptops
    11:15 - 12:05, Brian G. Jones
    1. Pulling Information from Devices
    2. Retrieving Information from Third Parties
    3. Using Apps to Collect Evidence
    4. Preserving Evidence Obtained
    5. Authenticating Essential Information
  5. Searching Records and Locating People
    1:05 - 1:45, Elizabeth Osorio
    1. Searching Public Records and "Publicly Available" Information
    2. Finding Vital Statistics: Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Records and More
    3. Secrets to Obtain "Difficult to Get" Records
    4. Reviewing Crucial Records
      1. Real Property and Title Searches
      2. Professional Licenses
      3. Hospital Records
      4. Business Records
      5. Employment Records
      6. Criminal Records
  6. Gathering Background Information and Interviewing Techniques
    1:45 - 2:20, Elizabeth Osorio
    1. Evaluating Credibility of Experts and Expert Witnesses
    2. Recognizing Behavior Patterns and Habits of Witnesses
    3. Collecting Information on the Opposing Party
    4. Uncovering Important Information on Opposing Counsel and Judges
    5. Assembling Information on Jurors and Potential Jurors
    6. Interviewing Witnesses: Savvy Techniques
  7. Forensic Accounting 101: How to Analyze Financials
    2:35 - 3:30, Heather Deskins
    1. Key Terms and Definitions
    2. Documents Necessary for Analysis - Overview and Checklist
    3. Reviewing Income Statements, Tax Returns, Investment Records and More
    4. Uncovering Hidden Income, Interests or Assets
    5. Identifying Bookkeeping Inconsistencies
  8. Ethics of Legal Investigations
    3:30 - 4:30, Scott J. Drexel
    1. Professional Conduct
    2. Attorney-Client Privilege
    3. Work Product
    4. Unauthorized Practice of Law
    5. Attorney Fees
    6. Investigating Minors

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