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Effective Tax Strategies for Trusts, Estates and Individuals

Expand your arsenal of tax planning tools with the latest and most effective techniques! Experienced faculty will guide you through basis enhancing strategies, asset protection mechanisms, recent tax planning trends, regulatory updates and more in this comprehensive seminar. Protect your clients from undue tax burdens from cradle to grave - register today!

  • Gain practical wealth transfer techniques to minimize both estate and income tax liabilities.
  • Protect your clients from tax penalties and attacks.
  • Choose the best tax planning options to protect remarried and divorced clients.
  • Make the best use of partnerships and LLCs and comply with the latest rules governing them.
  • Find charitable solutions to top estate planning problems.
  • Maximize your clients' retirement assets and get tools for their tax-efficient transfer to beneficiaries.
  • Clarify how rules of professional conduct are applied in tax practice.

  1. Top Lifetime Transfer Strategies to Reduce Taxes
    8:30 - 9:05, Adam J. Gottlieb
    1. Estate Inclusion Techniques
    2. Tax Basis: Obtaining, Maximizing and Reporting
    3. Tools That Minimize Both Estate and Income Tax
  2. Valuation of Assets: How to Protect Clients from Tax Penalties
    9:05 - 9:45, Philip H. Kanyuk
  3. Tax Strategies in Retirement Planning
    9:45 - 10:30, Adam J. Gottlieb
    1. Inherited IRAs - Maximizing the Stretch
    2. Making Sure Disability and LTC Planning Doesn't Interfere with Transfer Tax Planning Techniques in Place
  4. Tax Planning with Life Insurance
    10:45 - 11:15, K. Eli Akhavan
    1. Key Life Insurance Policies Affecting Estate Plans
    2. Taxation of Life Insurance Proceeds
    3. Charitable Giving Using Life Insurance
    4. Life Insurance Trusts
  5. Defensive Wealth Planning Techniques - Protecting Against Creditors and the IRS
    11:15 - 11:45, K. Eli Akhavan
    1. Incorporating Asset Protection Tools into Estate Plans
    2. IRS Compliance and Audits
    3. Preventing and Defending Against Penalties
  6. Charitable Giving as a Tax Tool
    11:45 - 12:25, K. Eli Akhavan
    1. Choice of Assets in Charitable Giving
    2. Designing Charitable Gifts of Family Business Interests
    3. Making the Best Use of Charitable Trusts - CRTs and CLTs
    4. What Estate Planners Need to Know About Non-Profits and UBTI
  7. Tax Regulatory Update
    1:25 - 2:00, Neil D. Katz
    1. Current Federal Transfer Tax: Estate, Gift, GST, Income and Capital Gains
    2. The IRS Enforcement Priorities
    3. State and Local Tax Update
    4. When are GRATS Useful?
  8. Using LLCs and Partnerships (Pass-Through Entities) to Your Client's Advantage
    2:00 - 2:45, Neil D. Katz
    1. Use of LLCs in Asset Protection
    2. Minimizing Transfer Taxes
    3. What Estate Planners Need to Know About Taxation of Pass-Through Entities
  9. Trusts: Top Designs for Tax Reduction
    3:00 - 3:40, Neil D. Katz
  10. Legal Ethics in Tax Practice
    3:40 - 4:40, Steven A. Kass
    1. Fiduciary Liability and Circular 230
    2. Multiple Representation: Spouses and Other Family Members
    3. Protecting Client Privacy
    4. Communicating with Clients and Wealth Advisors
    5. Attorneys Using Social Media to Generate Clients

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