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Resolve Trust and Estate Disputes to Your Clients' Advantage

Walk through the top conflicts that arise in trusts and estates practice and explore the most effective strategies for resolving them favorably. Enhance your skills - register today!

  • Learn how testamentary capacity and undue influence are best proven.
  • Get practical solutions to the multitude of will contests.
  • Find out when and how to ask the court for instructions.
  • Choose and correctly employ the right settlement method.
  • Walk through the key arguments on both sides of the fiduciary claims.

Session Time: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Eastern
Presenter: Joseph G. Dolan

  1. Contested Testamentary Capacity and Undue Influence in Probate
  2. Arguing Fraud or Mistake of Fact
  3. Resolving Will Contests: Lost, Revoked, Amended Last Minute, Improperly Executed, etc.
  4. Construction Actions (Petitioning the Court for Instructions)
  5. Pursuing and Defending Claims Against Fiduciaries
    1. Fiduciary Duties
    2. Fiduciary Accounting Issues
    3. Fiduciary Misconduct
    4. Fiduciary Removal
    5. Surcharge Actions
  6. Making the Best Use of Mediation and Arbitration
    1. Court Ordered
    2. Voluntary/By Agreement of the Parties
    3. Mandatory Arbitration Clause in Estate Planning Instrument
    4. Important Considerations

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