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Make Certain Your Medicaid Planning Works Well Within the Confines of the Lookback Requirements

The criteria for Medicaid eligibility are strict and protective planning is tricky. How does your understanding of Medicaid planning stack up? Join us at this focused program to get the answers you need about this complex area of practice. Register today!

  • Clarify what the eligibility requirements are.
  • Establish exactly what limitations are placed on asset transfers.
  • Deepen your knowledge of transfer penalty provisions.

Session Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern
Presented by: Michael O'Neill Barron and Sativa Boatman-Sloan

  1. The Lookback Period and Qualifying Asset Transfers Rule
    1. The Lookback Rule
    2. Gifts
    3. Intrafamily Loans
    4. Marital Deductions and Exceptions
    5. Reverse Half-Loaf with Medicaid-Compliant Annuity - Is it Still a Valid Approach?
    6. Transferring Real Property
  2. Penalty Period for Improper Transfers
    1. Calculating the Penalty Period
    2. Preventing the Penalty Period
    3. Handling Unexpected Income to Protect Eligibility
    4. Partial Months of Ineligibility
    5. Monthly Maintenance Need Allowance (MMMNA) for Community Spouse

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