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Expand Your Personal Injury Practice to Include Bicycling Collisions

Bicycling is more popular than ever, resulting in an ever-increasing chance of collisions and injuries. Are you fully aware of the specific insurance issues, likely liable parties and negligence determination tactics you'll need to master to take on such cases? Register today for a primer on the most current issues affecting this area of law and get the specialized skills you'll need to properly represent clients in this growing litigation niche.

  • Uncover special insurance considerations that come into play when cyclists are involved.
  • Take a look at the different accidents bicyclists can be involved in and how negligence is determined for each.
  • Dip into significant case law and gain practical tips for handling bicycle cases from investigation to trial.

Session time: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Eastern
Presented by: Eric S. Meyer

  1. Applying the Rules of the Road
    1. For the Driver
    2. For the Cyclist
  2. How Criminal Proceedings Affect Your Civil Case
  3. Investigating the Bicycle Accident Case
  4. Finding Insurance Coverage
    1. Premises Liability & Homeowners' Insurance Considerations
  5. Anticipating Defenses
    1. Comparative Negligence
      1. Arguing Cyclist Obligations and Liability
      2. Addressing the Issue of Helmets
    2. Challenging the Enforceability of Liability Waivers for Races and Clubs
  6. Applying Key Case Law
  7. Practical Tips for Trying the Bicycle Case

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