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Powerful Strategies to Prove - or Disprove - Employment Discrimination Claims

Year after year, employment discrimination claims are steadily rising. On any given day, the odds are increasing that one of these cases will walk through your door, so you need to perfect your skills regarding how to handle these emotionally-charged claims. This program strategically presents these contentious cases from both sides. No matter which side of the aisle you sit on, you are sure to take away useful tactics you can use to prove - or disprove - discrimination claims. Get the information you need to maximize your case while gaining invaluable insight on how the other side operates - register today!

  • Get the latest information you need on LGBT discrimination, national origin discrimination and more.
  • Skillfully establish the pretext for discrimination and satisfy the burden of persuasion.
  • Gain valuable insight on how to use employer documentation to make - or break - a claim.

Session time: 1:00 - 2:30 PM Eastern
Presented by: Steven. E. Clark

  • Burdens of Proof: ENDA, Title VII and Other Considerations
  • Sufficient Documentation to Prove Prima Facie Cases
  • How Employers can Satisfy the Burden of Production
  • Burden of Persuasion: Establishing Pretext for Discrimination
  • How Employer Documentation Makes or Breaks Discrimination Claims
  • Additional Considerations for Retaliation Claims
  • Current Issues and Updates: LGBT Discrimination, National Origin Discrimination, etc.

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