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Properly Manage the Overlap Between Alimony and Equitable Distributions

Double dipping is a hotly-debated issue, and the lack of judicial consensus and clarity makes the issue a legal landmine for divorce attorneys. In this legal program, we will navigate the complex issues and challenges surrounding double dipping so you can effectively identify and distribute different parts of your clients' marital estates. Register today!

  • Encounter practical scenarios that will help you distinguish between assets and income.
  • Examine the diverse "double counting" philosophies and debates.
  • Understand how different valuation approaches will affect the value of the family business and the likelihood of double-dipping.
  • Explore unique cases where the courts have ruled double-dipping to be "fair and equitable."

Session Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern
Presenters: Brendan J. Kennedy and Scott J. Mills

  • What is Double Dipping?
  • Identifying and Distinguishing Assets and Income: Hypothetical Scenarios
  • Valuation of Assets Using Market, Income and Asset-Based Analysis
  • Present Value of Future Income Streams
  • "Double Counting" of Business Interests: Differing State Law Philosophies
  • Common Determining Factors When Dividing Family and Marital Businesses
  • Other Assets
  • Structuring Settlements: Practical Tips

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