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Help Your Clients Plan for Disability and End of Life

Long-term care planning is fast becoming an indelible part of every estate planning attorney's practice. This focused legal guide will take you through the key steps you must follow to successfully incorporate LTC into your clients' estate plans. Learn how to ensure your clients get proper care without derailing their ultimate estate plans. Register today!

  • Get practical guidance on crafting documents delegating decision-making power.
  • Ensure effective sources of LTC funding.
  • Make certain qualifying the client for benefits does not derail the rest of the estate plan.

Session Time: 2:00PM to 3:30PM Eastern
Presented by James R. Barnes

  1. Determining Which Clients Will Need Long-Term Care and How Soon (Reasonable Expectations of Future LTC Needs)
  2. Drafting Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Advance Medical Directives, and Other Medical and End-of-Life Decision Making Instruments
  3. Funding Future Long-Term Care Without Harming the Effectiveness of the Estate Plan
  4. Deciding Whether Long-Term Care Insurance is a Viable Option: Pros and Cons
  5. Planning Ahead for Medicaid Eligibility and Other Benefits

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