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Anticipate and Resolve Conflicts and Challenges in Probate

Are you prepared for every contingency that impatient beneficiaries and absent-minded PRs can throw your way? Do you know how to handle an estate when the creditors are banging on the decedent's door? We've compiled this little shop of probate horrors for you to learn from others' mistakes before you stumble into them. Whether you're new to the area of probate law or have practiced it for years, you will find this "walkthrough of errors" useful. Don't get caught unprepared - register today!

  • Gain practical strategies for completing probate when the personal representative fails.
  • Identify and locate rightful heirs and beneficiaries in the toughest of cases.
  • Understand the financial hurdles and tax consequences of the decedents' actions on probate.
  • Explore common grounds for probate litigation to prevent such disputes from the start.
  • Hear the worst of the probate horror stories and prepare for anything this practice might spring on you.

  1. Personal Representative Challenges
    9:00 - 10:00, Darl C. Gleed
    1. Having a PR Appointed When There's No Will
    2. Multiple or Co-PRs
    3. Out of State PR
    4. Controlling the Wayward PR
    5. Disability of a PR or Other Fiduciary
    6. Dealing with Theft or Mismanagement
    7. Disputes Between Beneficiaries and PRs
  2. Rightful Heirs or Beneficiary Troubles
    10:15 - 11:15, Darl C. Gleed
    1. How to Handle Family Controversies
    2. Common Law Marriage Issues
    3. Non-Marital Children
    4. Equitable Adoption Claims
    5. Finding Missing Heirs
    6. Determining Heirs in Tardy Probate
  3. Possible Liability Problems
    11:15 - 12:15, Summer G. Shelverton
    1. Statutes of Limitations
    2. Creditors' Claims; Negotiating with Creditors
    3. Selling Property to Pay Claims
    4. Incarcerated Heirs or Beneficiaries
    5. Uncooperative Beneficiaries
  4. Financial and Tax Hurdles
    1:15 - 2:15, Alan R. Yukitomo
    1. Problems with Bookkeeping and Accounting
    2. Problems with Taxes (What, When and How to File)
    3. Problems with Elections and Non-Probate Assets (IRA Distributions and Their Tax Consequences)
    4. Open or Contingent Claims by or Against Estate
    5. Business Interests of the Decedent (Particularly Failing Business Interests)
    6. Finding Real Estate, Bank Accounts, Life Insurance, Intangibles, Etc.
    7. Tax Claims and Liens
    8. The Insolvent Estate
  5. Probate Litigation
    2:30 - 3:30, Kenn N. Kojima
    1. Procedural Rules in Probate
    2. Probate Discovery
    3. Mediation in Probate
    4. Lost Wills
    5. Will/Trust Contests
    6. Appeals
  6. Closing Estates: Overcoming Difficulties and Delays
    3:30 - 4:30, Summer G. Shelverton
    1. Formal Closing
    2. Informal Closing by Statement of Personal Representative
    3. Liability of Distributees
    4. Reopening Estates - When, How and Why?
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Top 6 Probate Problems and How to Solve Them
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