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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Peer Political Styles $74.95
Building Better Relationships through Understanding $74.95
Building Peer Relationships $74.95
Cultivating Relationships with Your Peers $74.95
Building Rapport with Your Boss $74.95
Building Your Professional Network $74.95

Bundle Price: $229.00
Total Savings: $220.70

Peer Political Styles

Office politics invariably affects work relationships. If you want to build productive peer relationships, then it makes sense to figure out how political your potential peers are. This Business Impact explores the three different political styles – bystander, team player, and individualist.

Learning Objectives
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Building Better Relationships through Understanding

Solid working relationships are built when people understand and appreciate each other. This Challenge Series exercise explores the skills and practices needed to foster understanding in the workplace.

Learning Objectives
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Building Peer Relationships

It is up to you to build relationships with your peers. So how can you do this? This Challenge explores the ways you can be proactive in forging good relations with your peers and how that can benefit you and the organization as a result. The learner takes the role of a professional working in the Marketing Department of a data backup services company.

Learning Objectives
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Cultivating Relationships with Your Peers

Developing and maintaining relationships with your peers at work can lead to success for both you as an individual, and for your organization. A supportive peer network can provide you with a wide variety of expertise and institutional knowledge, and enable you to leverage other people's networks. This course explores how you can identify the peers in your organization who are especially important in meeting your goals and how to develop and maintain solid, mutually beneficial relationships with these people.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify key benefits of being aware of your working environment
  • Classify the political styles of individuals in the workplace
  • Recognize the benefits of identifying key peers
  • Identify the characteristics of key peers
  • Choose examples of effective steps to build strategic peer relationships
  • Describe how to keep your peer relationships healthy

Building Rapport with Your Boss

Your boss can be the lifeline to your future. Typically, no one has more influence over your immediate and long-term success than the person to whom you report. Not only can you find enjoyment and reward in your current position, but your boss can be a source of support when you are ready to move ahead with your career. This course teaches strategies for building a strong professional relationship with your boss. It explains various ways you can become aligned with your boss -- even how to give your boss constructive feedback.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the benefits of a building a strong relationship with your boss
  • Identify methods to build a successful relationship with your boss
  • Determine the best methods of assisting your boss's agenda
  • Match management styles to associated characteristics
  • Identify best practices for adapting to your boss's working style
  • Sequence examples of the steps for giving appropriate feedback to your boss
  • Use appropriate techniques to start your own business network

Building Your Professional Network

A key factor in advancing your career is using good communication skills to build strong professional relationships and maintain an effective business network of contacts. This course provides you with the essential communication skills required to establish a business network and includes strategies for building rapport with new contacts during networking opportunities. It also covers best practices for maintaining your network so that business contacts can help you achieve your career goals.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify ways in which a business network is important
  • Recognize where to find networking opportunities
  • Identify best practices for attracting new network connections
  • Match strategies for conversing with new people to appropriate examples
  • Recognize strategies you can use to maintain your business network
  • Utilize appropriate techniques to start your own business network
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