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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Apache Solr – Deployment and Configuration $74.95
Apache Solr - Query and Data Management $74.95

Bundle Price: $99.00
Total Savings: $50.90

Apache Solr – Deployment and Configuration

Apache Solr can be deployed to numerous platforms and is supported by various tools and utilities for importing data to central data store – the collection – and for managing the Solr service instance. This course focuses on the deployment of the Apache service, the configuration of its core service components, and techniques used to import data, and to manage/manipulate data during import to the Solr index. This course serves as the foundation for course two.
  • start the course
  • describe the Apache Solr product
  • download, install, and run an Apache Solr server instance
  • examine and navigate the Solr distribution folder structure and the example sub folder
  • manage the Solr service – start, stop, check if running, the help system, port, et cetera
  • activate and navigate the utilities within the Solr Administration portal
  • describe the structure and components of a Solr instance directory: Solr home – cores, schema, configuration
  • navigate the Solr home directory and examine the Solr instance directory
  • examine the structure of a Solr core schema file – schema.xml
  • examine the structure of a Solr core configuration file – solrconfig.xml
  • run the solr script to activate the techproducts example, and try out the search (query tool) feature of the Solr Console (portal)
  • examine Solr documents and fields
  • describe solr fields, field properties, and field types
  • describe the supported field types
  • describe Solr Fields and field definition; describe copyField and dynamicField
  • describe field analysis and index control via analyzers, tokenizers and filters; describe available tokenizer and filters
  • apply the Solr console analyzer utility to test fields
  • manually create a Solr core from scratch
  • create and modify a core's schema to implement analysis and indexing controls on incoming data
  • describe indexing in Solr
  • add XLM data to the Solr index
  • add JSON data to the Solr index
  • add CSV data to the solr index
  • work with documents and import data via the Solr Administration console
  • configure logging via the Solr Administration console
  • work with a core's schema via the Solr Administration console

Apache Solr - Query and Data Management

The core functionality of Apache Solr is the retrieval of information from a Solr collection. Through discussion and demonstration, this course focuses on searching or querying a Solr collection – including search parameters and faceted search techniques. In addition, the course covers data management, importing data from a structured data source, and the deployment of the SolrCloud service.
  • start the course
  • update existing collection data
  • remove data object from a Solr
  • describe the components of Solr search engine
  • describe Solr query parameters
  • query Solr data using command line utilities or browsers using RESTful request
  • search for items in Solr via the Solr Administration console (portal)
  • search for items using phrases
  • search for two or more items
  • describe facet-based searching using Solr
  • create, run, and examine field-based facet queries
  • create, run, and examine number range-based facet queries
  • create, run, and examine a pivot-based facet query
  • create, run, and examine a geo-special facet
  • describe structured data import to Apache Solr
  • create a DIH configuration file
  • import structured data to a Solr index from a database
  • describe the architecture of a SolrCloud deployment
  • Work with a SolrCloud deployment
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