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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Spotfire Automation, Analyzation, and Visualization $74.95
Advanced TIBCO Spotfire $74.95
Spotfire Basics $74.95
Diving into the World of Spotfire $74.95
Spotfire Data Combinations $74.95
More Spotfire Visualization Techniques $74.95

Bundle Price: $229.00
Total Savings: $220.70

Spotfire Automation, Analyzation, and Visualization

With Spotfire, it's possible to automate analytics without user interaction. This course will introduce you to the automation services as well as diving deeper with analyzations and visualizations.
  • start the course
  • provide an overview of the various ways to automate tasks in Spotfire
  • recognize key monitoring tools in Spotfire
  • recognize dimensional hierarchies and hierarchical nodes
  • provide an introduction to the data panel tool in Spotfire
  • provide an overview of how to create metrics with calculated columns
  • recognize how to merge data in Spotfire
  • recognize how to pivot and unpivot data structures
  • provide an example of in-database analytics
  • define data transformations in Spotfire

Advanced TIBCO Spotfire

Several other operations can be achieved with more complex Spotfire operations. This course will investigate further into the advanced areas of Spotfire including additional clients and processes.
  • start the course
  • provide an overview of the other various additional clients that can be used in Spotfire
  • recognize various advanced data services in Spotfire
  • use performance-enhancing mechanisms in Spotfire
  • create predictive analytics with Spotfire and R
  • determine resolutions to various data management scenarios in Spotfire
  • recognize the Spotfire SDK and Package Builder
  • use the Spotfire Professional tool and API
  • recognize other Spotfire clients and advanced operations of Spotfire

Spotfire Basics

Spotfire provides a useful resource in working with Business Intelligence while providing users an easy way to deliver visualizations. This course covers key data concepts, how to add data into Spotfire, and connecting to a database.
  • start the course
  • recognize key data concepts necessary for using Spotfire
  • import various files into Spotfire
  • using Spotfire inbuilt filters
  • recognize data relationships and linking data into Spotfire
  • configure a connection with an ODBC driver
  • recognize basic SQL concepts used in Spotfire

Diving into the World of Spotfire

Spotfire brings more complexity to the BI individual by providing many layers of visualization analytics. This course will demonstrate this by adding context and input controls to the Spotfire analysis.
  • start the course
  • recognize Spotfire document properties
  • recognize how to frame analysis using text areas
  • provide details and control using property controls and summary information
  • use Spotfire Tags
  • use Spotfire Lists
  • recognize how to configure bookmarks
  • recognize various core Spotfire components
  • provide a high-level overview of Spotfire Administrator
  • recognize the Library Administration Interface in Spotfire
  • provide a high-level overview of Information Designer in Spotfire
  • recognize the core functionality of Spotfire

Spotfire Data Combinations

Spotfire allows many combinations of disparate data sources without the need of custom scripting or any IT intervention. In this course, we will explore those various data combinations and also look at exporting and publishing data visualizations.
  • start the course
  • bring different tables in a single visualization
  • recognize how to create dynamic pivots using cross tables
  • visualize measures using box and whisker plots in Spotfire
  • recognize how to summarize statistical outputs using summary tables
  • recognize how to visualize multidimensional data using heat maps
  • use parallel coordinate plots in Spotfire
  • recognize how to export and publish data visualizations
  • recognize various visualizations and combinations

More Spotfire Visualization Techniques

Spotfire assists and provides an intuitive approach to deep data exploration. This course will demonstrate the use of various annotations and colors to enrich analysis visuals and go through concepts in map chart visualization.
  • start the course
  • annotate visualizations using reference lines, fitted curves, and error bars
  • define color schemes
  • recognize how to apply custom expressions
  • recognize differences between calculated columns and custom expressions
  • define color rules
  • recognize nodes in custom expressions
  • recognize the concept of mapping chart layers
  • use a feature layer in Spotfire
  • recognize how to add web map service data
  • recognize how to create a spatial visualization
  • recognize how coordinate reference systems are used in Spotfire
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