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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Moving Forward with Change Planning $74.95
Making Change Stick $74.95
Facilitating Sustainable Change $74.95

Bundle Price: $139.00
Total Savings: $85.85

Moving Forward with Change Planning

Effective planning is key to change management. In this course, you'll learn how to build change charters and guiding coalitions and interpret stakeholders' influence and input. You'll also learn best practices for creating codes of change.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the key elements of a change charter
  • Determine the level of rigor and type of guiding coalition required for a change project
  • Determine a stakeholder's influence level on a scale of low to high
  • Recognize best practices for interpreting stakeholder input into change efforts
  • Recognize best practices for facilitating the construction of a collaborative code of change
  • Recognize how to plan for successful change

Making Change Stick

Facing change deployment challenges can help changes succeed long-term. In this course, you'll learn how make change more comfortable, communicate change to different groups, and use training and performance management to make change last.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify which key elements of change need to be communicated to different groups in the organization
  • Select strategies for communicating change to different groups
  • Employ strategies to make change easier and reduce discomfort
  • Recognize how to reinforce skills and make change last
  • Leverage performance management methods to make change last
  • Use appropriate strategies to sustain planned change

Facilitating Sustainable Change

Change is a necessary but difficult part of every organization's work processes. In this course, you'll learn about key outputs of a change initiative, how to identify stakeholder groups, and how to evaluate the keys to sustainable change.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the key initial outputs of a change initiative
  • Recognize the RACI status of stakeholder groups
  • Recognize questions used to assess the level of stakeholder discomfort in relation to a proposed change effort
  • Recognize questions used to assess the effectiveness of vision of a proposed change
  • Sequence steps required to determine and assess the skills needed to support organizational change
  • Predict the success of a change effort based on readiness measures
  • Determine an organization's readiness for sustainable change
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