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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Marketing Essentials: Introduction to Marketing $74.95
Marketing Essentials: Planning and People $74.95
Marketing Essentials: Product and Price $74.95
Marketing Essentials: Place $74.95
Marketing Essentials: Promotion $74.95
Marketing Essentials: Marketing and Ethics $74.95

Bundle Price: $229.00
Total Savings: $220.70

Marketing Essentials: Introduction to Marketing

How do you know what consumers really want? How do you know which consumers to go after and how to get them interested in your products and services? You need to develop an effective marketing strategy. Marketing is a core business process that helps companies develop strong relationships with consumers – it is used to identify the right consumers, anticipate their wants and needs and ultimately create value for them and for your organization. Realizing the essential function that marketing plays in any company will help you better understand the relationship that companies need to build with their customers, how they do it, and the impact these activities can have on a company's bottom line. This course provides key insight on marketing as a key business process, its link to overall corporate strategy and how online and social media marketing is changing the face of marketing by bringing companies and customers closer together than ever before through new technologies. The importance of marketing planning is also discussed including careful consideration of key concepts such as segmentation, targeting and positioning. This course will also address the traditional Marketing Mix, its evolution and its critical role in marketing planning and execution.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the key objectives of the marketing function in organizations
  • Identify the key characteristics of the Internet as a marketplace
  • Match each core market identification activity with its description
  • Identify the elements of the marketing mix
  • Identify elements of the modern marketing mix

Marketing Essentials: Planning and People

The four Ps of the traditional marketing mix (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) are important strategic cornerstones of any marketing activity. However, this traditional view of the Marketing Mix fails to address two very important aspects of marketing: planning and people. This course focuses its attention on the importance of linking marketing activities to an organization’s overall strategic objectives; and exactly how the planning process is carried out. The importance of recognizing the difference between marketing strategies and marketing tactics is also discussed, as well as how strategy and tactics should complement each other in any marketing activity. This course will also offer insight into key planning activities such as research, budgeting, development and evaluation. Finally, the importance of employee engagement and internal branding are also discussed as the key elements of the last P, people. Understanding the key role that planning and people play in the marketing process and how these aspects support the traditional Marketing Mix, will help you better understand how to approach marketing activities and campaigns and how to maximize their impact both externally and internally.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize examples of marketing goals and types of marketing plans in a scenario
  • Identify the advantages of marketing planning
  • Recognize characteristics of quantitative and qualitative research
  • Identify examples of typical marketing costs that have to be budgeted for during the creation of a marketing plan
  • Recognize guidelines on how to develop and execute a marketing plan
  • Identify how to evaluate your marketing plan
  • Recognize how companies can help people to act as a key part of the marketing mix

Marketing Essentials: Product and Price

How do you know what kind of products and services you should be marketing? How do you develop successful products and services? How do you promote and sell them? In today’s highly competitive marketplace, these considerations are more important than ever. This course focuses on the answers to these questions and provides key insight into the importance of product and price within the modern marketing mix. The course then covers the product and development process, the concept of product differentiation in today's marketplace, and what this ultimately requires from marketing professionals and companies in order to be successful. This course also provides essential insight into the concept of product lifecycle with a focus on how product evolution can help meet ever-changing customer needs and help secure a company’s competitive advantage. Finally, the course introduces pricing, including how to approach product pricing and the factors that affect a product's price.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize examples of several components of a product offering
  • Identify the typical responsibilities of marketing in the context of the development of new products
  • Make some marketing mix related decisions at several phases of the product lifecycle in a scenario
  • Classify pricing objectives as being primarily financial or marketing objectives
  • Recognize examples demonstrating the use of several pricing strategies
  • Recognize examples demonstrating the use of several types of promotions

Marketing Essentials: Place

Getting your products and services into your customers' hands is not a simple task; a multitude of factors must be considered. How do you select the most effective distribution channels? Should you be targeting your distributors to help promote and sell your products, or should you appeal directly to consumers? How do you build strong relationships with distributors? Place, which focuses on the distribution of products and services, is an important component of any marketing initiative and requires careful integration with all other aspects of the modern marketing mix. This course provides essential insight into distribution. It reviews the advantages of building a strong, efficient distribution network that is aligned with organizational and marketing goals, as well as product characteristics and target markets. It covers key distribution strategies, distribution relationship systems, and how to select and manage distributors. Finally, the course discusses online distribution opportunities and the benefits associated with e-marketing.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the key considerations in selecting appropriate distribution channels for your products
  • Identify the key characteristics of push and pull distribution
  • Match distribution strategies and strategic distribution relationship systems with their description
  • Identify guidelines for selecting and managing intermediaries
  • Identify the key characteristics of the Internet as a distribution channel
  • Identify the benefits to companies of using online distribution

Marketing Essentials: Promotion

How do you get customers interested in your products and services? What kinds of sales and advertising strategies will you use? How will public relations support your promotional strategies, if at all? Promotion, a key aspect of the marketing mix, focuses on raising awareness about your product and service offerings among key customer target groups. This course will provide insight into how to design promotional strategies and campaigns that help expand existing markets and develop new customer relationships. You will learn about the key characteristics of different forms of advertising and promotional vehicles, including the reach, benefits and cost of both traditional and more modern approaches such as social media networking and other forms of online marketing. This course will also discuss the concept of return on investment (ROI) in promotion, how to approach ROI for both traditional and online promotional efforts, and how this type of evaluation can help you plan and execute your promotional efforts more effectively.

Learning Objectives
  • Sequence the promotional communications goals
  • Match promotional techniques with their description
  • Match characteristics of marketing communication campaigns to either traditional or online media
  • Sequence the process to calculate ROI on marketing campaigns
  • Recognize the advantages of calculating ROI on marketing campaigns

Marketing Essentials: Marketing and Ethics

What role does ethics play in marketing? What is corporate responsibility and how is it linked to marketing? In order to develop strong and lasting customer relationships, organizations must ensure their marketing practices are fair, honest, and accurate about their product and service offerings. While marketing is a key business function, it also has an important societal component that cannot be overlooked. This course introduces the concept of ethics in marketing and its close connection to corporate responsibility. It also provides insight into how to ensure marketing practices are ethical, and outlines the benefits ethical marketing can generate for an organization and its corporate culture. You'll learn about societal marketing, the dangers associated with unethical and deceptive marketing practices, and how to build and sustain strong ethical marketing standards and practices within an organization. The course also addresses the growth of new communication technologies and how they have affected the way marketers reach their audiences. Finally, it looks at and how organizations can apply ethical marketing standards to e-marketing, as well as more traditional efforts.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify types of societal expectations that corporations should address along with traditional organizational concerns
  • Identify examples of deceptive, offensive, and objectionable marketing practices
  • Match each example with the stage of ethical development it represents
  • Identify guidelines for creating an ethical marketing environment
  • Classify examples of various e-marketing ethical issues according to the variable of the marketing mix they affect
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