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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Creating Customized Publications with Publisher 2007 $74.95
Extending Publisher 2007 Beyond Publications $74.95

Bundle Price: $99.00
Total Savings: $50.90

Creating Customized Publications with Publisher 2007

Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 helps you expand your creativity by enabling you to customize and share a wide range of personal and business publications to suit both home and office requirements. You can use this application to quickly create and personalize professional-looking publications such as newsletters and flyers. This course explores the wide range of available templates and the creating, editing, printing, and publishing tools at your disposal. It also introduces the new features of Microsoft Publisher 2007, and delves into redesigned and enhanced familiar features.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize where to locate common commands in Publisher 2007
  • Change placeholder text and images in a predesigned template
  • Open a publication type
  • Add content to a blank publication
  • Customize schemes and select options
  • Create new business information
  • Save publication in another file format
  • Create master pages for repeating page elements
  • Save items to and reuse items from the Content Library
  • Reformat existing publications as different publication types
  • Open and customize a template
  • Create a master page using items from the content library
  • Add content to the publication
  • Reformat publication as a new publication type
  • Arrange and group objects on the page
  • Add decorative text features
  • Format a picture
  • Use the Design Checker to find problems in a publication
  • Print a publication using a desktop printer
  • Recognize how to prepare for commercial printing
  • Add professional touches to a publication
  • Use Design Checker to check a publication
  • Change the color model to prepare for professional publication
  • Print a publication

Extending Publisher 2007 Beyond Publications

You can do more with Office Publisher 2007 than create basic desktop publications. New and enhanced capabilities guide you through the processes of creating and distributing your work either in print, on the Web, or by e-mail. This course explains such Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 features as e-mail and catalog merging capabilities, e-mail templates, and web page creation and customization.

Learning Objectives
  • Create a mail merge
  • Recognize how to format personal information in a data source
  • Create a catalog merge
  • Connect to a data source containing information for a mail merge
  • Add fields containing personal information and print publication
  • Connect to catalog information in a data source
  • Merge data source information with the catalog
  • Send a publication as an e-mail message
  • Use an e-mail merge to create and send personalized e-mails
  • Create a basic web site using a predesigned template
  • Enhance your web site with additional design features
  • Convert to a web publication and format the navigation bar
  • Prepare a print newsletter for web publication
  • Publish files to the web
  • Create a personalized e-mail message
  • Design a basic web site with Publisher
  • Convert publication for web and format navigation pane
  • Publish files to the web
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