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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Negotiation Essentials: What Is Negotiation? $74.95
Negotiation Essentials: Planning for Negotiation $74.95
Negotiation Essentials: Communicating $74.95
Negotiation Essentials: Persuading $74.95
Negotiation Essentials: Avoiding Pitfalls in Negotiations $74.95
Conducting a Successful Negotiation Simulation $74.95

Bundle Price: $229.00
Total Savings: $220.70

Negotiation Essentials: What Is Negotiation?

Everyone has to negotiate at some point in his or her life. Strong negotiations skills can be survival skills, both in and out of the workplace. But being able to negotiate successfully requires that you understand some of the basic concepts of negotiation. Negotiation has been described in many ways – getting what you want, reaching an agreement, influencing others, and bargaining. However you think of it, though, negotiation is a process in which two or more parties with different needs and goals work together to find a solution that is acceptable to all. This course defines negotiation and describes actions that can help you negotiate successfully. It also discusses two types of negotiation – distributive and integrative – that you will typically encounter in business. And finally, this course covers styles of negotiating.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize actions that can help you negotiate successfully
  • Distinguish between characteristics of distributive and integrative negotiation
  • Identify the negotiating style used in a given situation

Negotiation Essentials: Planning for Negotiation

It's true that negotiating can sometimes seem a daunting task. But if you're properly prepared, you'll likely reach an outcome that benefits both you and the other party without too much stress. If you've ever gone into a negotiation without preparing, it's likely that you were reactive and unfocused, and you may have ended up with a less than desirable outcome. Proper planning would have given you the direction needed to do effective problem solving at the negotiation table. Thinking carefully about what you want to achieve, as well as what the other party wants, will pave the way for a smooth and successful negotiation. You will know which terms are acceptable to you and which are not, and you will be ready for objections from the other party. This course describes key considerations when preparing for a negotiation. It also covers how to prepare for likely compromises you'll need to make, and how having alternatives to a negotiated agreement and knowing your 'walk away' point can make negotiations go smoother.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize key considerations when preparing for a negotiation
  • Recognize how to prepare for compromises in a negotiation
  • Recognize the role of a BATNA in strengthening a negotiating position
  • Identify the zone of possible agreement for a given negotiation

Negotiation Essentials: Communicating

If you want to achieve a successful outcome in a negotiation, you need to communicate well. And this means not only being clear in how you deliver your message but also ensuring the other party feels understood. You need to actively and skillfully create a connection with the person you're negotiating with. Otherwise, you won't ever reach an agreement. This course describes ways you can communicate effectively in a negotiation. It discusses how to set the tone for a negotiation, make an effective and clear proposal, and respond positively to the other party in the negotiation.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize how to set the right tone for a negotiation
  • Recognize effective ways to communicate your proposal during a negotiation
  • Respond appropriately to the other party in a given negotiation scenario

Negotiation Essentials: Persuading

Successful negotiators have the ability to persuade others that their interests are important. But they don't achieve this by ignoring the interests of the other party. Instead, they frame and adapt their interests to reflect the other side's viewpoint. This course identifies the value of persuasion in negotiations and highlights strategies to help you be persuasive in negotiations. It also covers techniques for effectively dealing with difficult people in negotiations.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize strategies for being persuasive in a negotiation
  • Use persuasive strategies in a given negotiation
  • Recognize how to deal effectively with difficult people in a negotiation

Negotiation Essentials: Avoiding Pitfalls in Negotiations

Negotiations can be tough. But keeping your wits through pressure and problems can lead to breakthroughs and success. Negotiations commonly fail because poor approaches and tactical blunders create additional stumbling blocks to overcome. Negotiators need to be aware of the kinds of actions or attitudes that can hinder the achievement of an agreement. But they also need to understand tactics the other side may use to create a negotiating advantage. This course describes how to overcome common errors in negotiating. It also covers strategies for dealing with difficult negotiating tactics from the other side. Finally, it outlines how to diagnose barriers to agreement.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize which strategies to use to overcome common errors in negotiation
  • Match strategies for dealing with difficult negotiating tactics to examples of when they are needed
  • Identify steps in diagnosing barriers to agreement in a negotiation |w

Conducting a Successful Negotiation Simulation

As the newly appointed hospital administrator of Overton General, you have a great deal to cope with in your first few months on the job. And one of the most pressing tasks is conducting negotiations with Merrimack Valley Document Solutions - a materials retention company. Decades' worth of x-rays, microfiche, and patient records are stockpiled in Overton's storage rooms, but space is in short supply. And due to your predecessor's failure to properly address the hospital's growing need for document retention and conversion, it's now imperative that you secure a workable contract with a service provider as soon as possible. This simulation is based on the SkillSoft series "Negotiation Essentials" and contains links to the following courses: comm_24_a01_bs_enus, comm_24_a02_bs_enus, comm_24_a03_bs_enus, and comm_24_a04_bs_enus.

Learning Objectives
  • Conducting a Successful Negotiation Simulation
  • Preparing for negotiation.
  • Selecting a negotiation style.
  • Selecting a negotiation style.
  • Conducting the negotiation.
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