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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Implementing Server Patching and Updating $74.95
Securing Network Infrastructure Traffic $74.95

Bundle Price: $99.00
Total Savings: $50.90

Implementing Server Patching and Updating

A huge trend in security is the rapid updating of security controls of server systems. This course examines the implementation of secure server patching and updating with Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and prepares you for exam 70-744.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Describe the value features of Windows Server 2016 server patching and updating solutions
  • Define Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)
  • Install and configure WSUS
  • Manage updates using WSUS
  • Create WSUS computer groups
  • Configure WSUS update approvals and deployments
  • Configure WSUS automatic updates and reporting
  • Troubleshoot WSUS configuration and deployments
  • Describe installation methods and configuration

Securing Network Infrastructure Traffic

In order to provide defense-in-depth security, traffic must be protected as it traverses the wire. This course covers IPsec, SMB protection, secure DNS, and Microsoft Message Analyzer (MMA). You will also prepare for exam 70-744.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Secure network traffic
  • Configure IPsec modes and IPsec authentication options
  • Configure connection security rules
  • Implement isolation zones and domain isolation
  • Identify SMB 3.1.1 protocol security scenarios and implementations
  • Enable SMB encryption on SMB shares and SMB signing via Group Policy
  • Disable SMB 1.0
  • Secure DNS traffic using DNSSEC and DNS policies
  • Install and configure Microsoft Message Analyzer (MMA) to analyze network traffic
  • Use mechanisms for securing the network infrastructure
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