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Satisfy Title Commitment Exceptions With Confidence

Handling the conditions that lead to title insurance exceptions is often a challenge for novice and experienced attorneys alike. Don't be caught off guard by clearing liens, dealing with unsatisfied mortgages, resolving boundary exceptions and more. Attend this concise yet comprehensive overview of satisfying title commitment exceptions and get the information you need to ensure they don't become deal breakers or worse - register today!

  • Negotiate with title insurance companies to remove - or modify - title exceptions.
  • Use endorsements to your client's advantage when insuring over exceptions.
  • Clear liens, fix improperly released mortgages, handle breaks in chain of title and more.

Session Time: 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm Eastern
Presenter: Katherine Myers Sager

  • Removing and Modifying Exceptions: Negotiating With Title Insurers
  • Using Endorsements to Insure Over Exceptions
  • Getting Liens Cleared: Practical Tips
  • Mortgages Unsatisfied or Improperly Released
  • Boundary Exceptions: From Survey Errors to Neighbor Disputes
  • Lack of or Limitations Upon Access
  • Breaks in Chain of Title
  • Commercial Title Issues: Authority, Leases, etc.

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