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How to "Fire" Your Client Without Crossing Any Ethical Lines

Ending an attorney-client relationship is a very sensitive matter. To avoid any carry-over hard feelings and to forestall any allegations of legal malpractice, use this streamlined legal ethics guide from experienced attorney faculty. Register today!

  • Determine whether the attorney-client relationship exists.
  • Recognize signs of a "doomed" attorney-client relationship, and when you must and/or should step down.
  • Learn the proper way to communicate the end of your legal representation.
  • Determine fees and protect confidentiality in unfinished cases.

Session Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern
Presenter: Stacie Rosenzweig

  • Unintentional Creation of Attorney-Client Relationship
  • Unclear Communication with Potential Clients
  • Top Worst Ways to Break Up with a Client
  • Bad Timing in Withdrawing Representation
  • Failure to Get Paid After Withdrawing Representation
  • Commonly Overlooked Ongoing Duties to Former Clients
  • Failure to Protect Confidentiality of Former Clients
  • Failure to Clearly Communicate the Fact That You're Terminating the Relationship

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