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Get an Incisive Refresher on Probate Timeline and Required Communications

Probate process is incredibly intricate and requires keen attention to details, deadlines and required steps. This legal briefing will give you all the information you need to comply with notice and consent requirements in probate. Don't miss any critical steps - register today!

  • Clarify what notices are required and recommended at estate opening.
  • Understand the procedure for final accounting and distribution notices.
  • Learn when and how to properly obtain waivers.

Session Time: 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM Eastern
Presented by Katie Bindrup
  • Estate Opening - Initial Notices to State Agencies and Others
  • Notice to Creditors - Proper Procedures
  • Final Accounting Notice and Hearing
  • Notice of Distribution and Beneficiary Consent - Procedure and Tips
  • When Waivers of Notices are Obtained

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