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Your Guide for Creating Effective Family Law Agreements

Drafting a family law agreement can be overwhelming, especially given the boundless range of family circumstances, properties and the unique objectives of each client. Join our experienced faculty as they provide the insight you need to draft effective and enforceable prenups, cohabitation and marital settlement agreements for your clients’ different circumstances and goals. Minimize disputes and protect your clients’ interests - register today!

  • Learn how to generate prenuptial agreements that are effective and enforceable
  • Gain valuable tips for creating solid cohabitation/living-together agreements.
  • Review essential elements necessary to produce a fair marital settlement agreement.

Session Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern
Presented by: Kirk C. Stange
  1. Creating Effective and Enforceable Prenuptial Agreements
    1. Gathering Financial Information From Clients
    2. Drafting Provisions for Financial Arrangements During the Marriage
    3. Provisions for Dividing Assets and Liabilities During Divorce
    4. Other Key Clauses: Severability, Integration/Modification, Cooperation, Etc.
    5. Issue Spotting: Top Mistakes that Will Invalidate the Prenup
  2. Drafting Cohabitation/Living-Together Agreements
    1. Addressing Potential Pitfalls With Your Clients
    2. Key Clauses: Financial Roles and Responsibilities, Property Ownership, Medical POAs, etc.
    3. Sample Cohabitation Agreement Language and Forms
  3. Crafting a Marital Settlement Agreements (MSA)
    1. Reviewing Boilerplate Recitals and Standard Provisions
    2. Identifying Necessary Clauses for the Division of Marital Property and Debt
    3. Provisions for Child Custody, Visitation, Support and Alimony
    4. "Problem" Provisions You Need to Pay Close Attention to
    5. Separation Agreements - Key Language and Sample Forms

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