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Strategically Safeguard LLC Membership Interests

Are you doing everything you can to maximize charging order protection? Do you know how to best deal with a debtor-member's creditors? Our experienced faculty will teach you how to leverage charging order protection in order to limit creditors' rights, protect members and preserve the business. Register today!

  • Review the essentials of charging orders, from their uses to limitations.
  • Find out how to effectively strengthen charging order protection.
  • Anticipate creditor options and response tactics.
  • Learn how LLCs can strategically respond to charging orders.

Session Times: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Eastern Time
Presenter: Maya Simmons Rogers

  • What is an LLC Charging Order and What Does it do?
  • Charging Order Protection Tactics
    • Ownership Integrity Tips
    • Management Control Techniques
    • Business Preservation Strategies
  • Charging Order Limitations
    • Choice of Law
    • Single Member LLCs
    • Alter Ego LLC Methods
    • Member Bankruptcy, Divorce, Death
  • Creditor Response Tactics
    • The Waiting Game Strategy
    • Wage/Salary Garnishment
    • Post-Judgment Discovery Tactics
    • Foreclosure Approaches
  • LLC Response Strategies to Charging Orders

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