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Spot the Top Signs of Insurance Bad Faith

Sometimes bad faith insurance practices are evident - and sometimes, they're subtle. Do you know which claims handling strategies are valid, and which cross the line? Do you know where claims most often go bad? Our seasoned faculty will walk you through the top insurance company mistakes (and tactics) that lead to insurance bad faith claims, with practical tips for your practice. Enhance your knowledge - register today!

  • Spot red flags of insurance bad faith in claim files and other critical documents.
  • Anticipate insurer pitfalls from investigation to denial or settlement of claims.
  • Gain helpful pointers for evaluating claims and presenting your case in court.

Session Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern
Presented by Robert J. Kasieta
  1. Is the Case Worth Taking?
  2. Forms, Documents and Other Critical Information: Top Insurer Pitfalls
  3. Overview of the Most Common Bad Faith Claims
  4. When Adjusters Cross the Line in Demanding/Collecting Information
  5. The Adjuster's Settlement Authority and Policy Limit Strategies Used
  6. Adjuster Case Evaluation Mistakes: Merits of the Case vs. Excess Verdict
  7. Top Bad Faith Insurance Company Missteps and How to Prove Them
    1. Failure to Conduct a Reasonable Incident Scene Investigation
    2. Red Flags in Communications with Claimants
    3. Biased IMEs
    4. Delay Tactics That Cross the Line
    5. Empty Promises and Settlement Landmines
    6. Unreasonable Denial of Claim
    7. Concealing Coverage and Misinterpretation of Policy Language
    8. Video Surveillance
    9. Recorded Statements
  8. Proving Bad Faith in Court: Mistakes That Will Break Your Case

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