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Tackle the Tough Problems of Trust Administration

Clear roadblocks and potential hazards out of the way of your wealth protection plans with this practical guide to trust administration troubleshooting. Identify key risk factors that are likely to derail trust administration and gain actionable skills to pave the way to your clients' effective wealth preservation. Don't miss this opportunity to strengthen your knowledge and enhance your practice. Register today!

  • Learn how to properly determine original intent of the trust document when the language is unclear.
  • Gain solutions to replacement and successor trustee problems.
  • Find new ways to insulate trust assets from creditor risks.
  • Overcome common issues that arise at trust termination.

Session Time: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Eastern
Presented by Maureen L. O'Leary
  • Trustees Interpreting the Original Trust Document
  • Replacement and Successor Trustee Problems
  • The Risks of Directing and Delegating
  • Creditor Dangers to Trust Assets
  • Commonly Overlooked Trust Property
  • Division of Trust Assets
  • The Toughest Steps in Administering a Trust
  • Determining Trustee Fees
  • Authorization and Disbursement of Fees and Expenses
  • Distributions to Beneficiaries: Timing and Consent Problems
  • Trust Termination Considerations

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