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Protect Your Professional Reputation and Prevent Client Complaints

Referring a client out can be the right and appropriate thing to do, but when and how it is done can create a slew of ethical dilemmas. Clarify how the rules apply to the everyday practice and specific situation and get best practices advice from experienced attorney faculty. Incorporate greater flexibility in your client intake, business development, and referrals practices. Register today!

  • Learn when to refer out the case and to whom.
  • Avoid timing and communication mistakes when using referrals.
  • Don't get in trouble with fee splitting and referral fee agreements.

Session time: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM Eastern
Presented by: David J. Chapman

  • Failure to Recognize that the Case Needs to be Referred Out
  • Timing Mistakes
  • Insufficient and Vague Communication
  • Failure to Fully Withdraw/Decline Representation
  • Ethical Risks of Non-Attorney Referral Fees (Model Rules 5.4(a) and 7.2(b))
  • Overlooked Exceptions to the Referral Fees Rules
  • Improper Fee Sharing/Fee Splitting
  • Top Mistakes in Referral Fee Agreements

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