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Learn Proven Methods to Collect What is Owed

In this economy, it is crucial to be up to speed on the techniques needed to collect post-judgment. This essential course will provide you with practical, results-driven strategies to obtain payment from the debtor. Enroll today!

  • Claim what is owed through advanced asset-specific collection techniques.
  • Know when the garnishment should be used and when it should be avoided.
  • Understand multistate collection issues to ensure the process of obtaining payments across state lines goes smoothly.

Session time: 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM Eastern time.
Presented by: Jonathan E. Kramer

  1. Early Identification of Assets: The Basics
  2. Common Asset Classes 101
  3. Collection During Litigation: Nuts and Bolts
  4. Wages, Stock, LLCs, Garnishment, Levies, Cash, Insurance
  5. Liability (Fraudulent Transfers, Veil Piercing, Conspiracy, Claims Against Third Parties)
  6. Proper Use of Subpoenas
  7. Injunctions, Orders in Support
  8. Multistate Collection Issues

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