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188872 How To Identify & Investigate FMLA Abuse 9/18/15 1 day V Virtual Live $239
Title Type Price Info
Counseling Children: Cognitive-Developmental n/a O $120
Crisis Intervention – Theory Practice and Techni n/a O $40
Crisis Intervention Theory Practice and Technique n/a O $30
Spanish for Social Services n/a O $129
In Your Face – Complicated Mourning Effective Treatment for Sudden Unexpected and/or Violent Death n/a O $60
Medical Nutrition Therapy and Chronic Kidney Disease Stages 1-4 n/a O $60
Mood Disorders and Metabolic Abnormalities n/a O $38
Early Identification of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias n/a O $53
Elder Abuse - JEL Health Education n/a O $15
Suicide and The Medically Ill n/a O $75
Alcoholism: Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome n/a O $15
Substance Abuse Among the Teenage Population n/a O $15
Gay/Lesbian Concerns: A Clinician’s Guide n/a O $24
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) n/a O $60
Depression and the Medically Ill n/a O $30
A Basic Introduction to Anger Management n/a O $15
Managing Challenging Behaviors of Confusion n/a O $30
A Case Study of Intimate Partner Violence: Tailoring Interventions To the Survivor's Readiness to Act n/a O $60
Coexisting Mood Disorders n/a O $80
Assessment of Depression in the Medically Ill n/a O $120
Coping Strategies for the Depressed Medically Ill n/a O $80
Psychological Consultation and Treatment n/a O $100
Psychological Issues Regarding Women and Heart Dis n/a O $100
Counseling Children: Cognitive-Developmental n/a O $120
Autism Asperger’s Syndrome Pervasive Developmental Disorder’s (PDD) and their Implications for Teaching Practice n/a O $36
The Emotional Needs of The Gifted Child n/a O $24
Crisis Intervention Theory Practice and Technique Updated 2006 n/a O $30
Understanding Abuse n/a O $30
Dementia: Differential Diagnoses and Treatment n/a O $45
Stress...At Work n/a O $12
Modified Consistency Diets for Developmentally Disabled Adults n/a O $30
Orthorexia: A New Eating Disorder? n/a O $15
Grief Reactions in The Dialysis Population n/a O $15
Anger Alternative Treatments n/a O $60
Assessing and Treating Sexual Abuse n/a O $60
Cognitive Therapy for Mood Disorders n/a O $60
Psychological Treatment of Personality Disorders n/a O $60
Weight Management Counseling n/a O $160
The New Drug Problem: Teens + OTC+ Prescription Drugs = Dangerous n/a O $36
Environmental Health And Safety (EHS) Auditing n/a O $199
Obesity in School-Age Children and Adolescents: What we know about its causes its health risks and how to help. n/a O $120
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Psychiatric Diagnosis With Medical-Nutritional Implications n/a O $30
Alcohol and Marriage Competency n/a O $80
Update on Eating Disorders n/a O $60
Psychological Issues Regarding Women and Heart Disease n/a O $75
Assessing The Potentially Violent Employee n/a O $60
Childhood Depression & Anxiety n/a O $45
Learning Disorders n/a O $40
Oppositional Defiant Disorder n/a O $80
A Study of the Grief Process for Health Professionals n/a O $79
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252859 Ethics & Code of Conduct 4 hours 1 B $219
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