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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Psychiatric Diagnosis With Medical-Nutritional Implications-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>30.00192921
Learning Disorders-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>40.00194024
In Your Face – Complicated Mourning Effective Treatment for Sudden Unexpected and/or Violent Death-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>60.00194029
Anger Alternative Treatments-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>60.00194031
Assessing and Treating Sexual Abuse-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>60.00194032
Cognitive Therapy for Mood Disorders-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>60.00194033
Mood Disorders and Metabolic Abnormalities-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>37.50194086
Crisis Intervention Theory Practice and Technique Updated 2006-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>30.00194104
Dementia: Differential Diagnoses and Treatment-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>45.00194108
Early Identification of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>52.50194109
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