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Updated 2009 Release

You will learn the basic concepts in workers' compensation including how a state's statutory legal structure fits into the bigger picture by understanding insurance policy coverage, premium calculations and coverage issues.

This course provides in-depth coverage of the general workers' compensation common to all states. There are 11 training modules each covering a distinct area or workers' compensation law or insurance. Audio and visual presentation provides over 6 hours of instruction.



One exam is included in the How Workers' Compensation Works training series. It consists of 100 questions with a 120 minute time period. You must first take the How Workers' Compensation Works training modules before taking this exam. You will have one attempt to pass this exam. The pass mark is 70%.

Each online module is 30 to 45 minutes in length

Module 1 - History and Overview of the Workers' Compensation System

Module 2 - Workers' Compensation Insurance Basics

Module 3 - Calculating Workers' Compensation Insurance Premiums

Module 4 - Risk Financing Alternatives for Workers' Compensation

Module 5 - Basic Concepts in Workers' Compensation Law

Module 6 - Determining Whether an Injury is Compensable

Module 7 - Determining the Amount of Benefits Payable

Module 8 - Key Employer Defenses

Module 9 - Workers' Compensation Claim Handling Procedures

Module 10 - Special Topics in Workers' Compensation

Module 11 - Medicare Set Asides

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How Workers' Compensation Works Online course
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