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Computer Based Training (CBT) and Video Based Training (VBT) have emerged as the premier training tools in recent years. KeyStone Self-Paced CBT/VBT courses are known for their high quality in-depth content. Compared to traditional training methods, KeyStone courses cost less and users can learn faster while taking advantage of some of the best trainers in the industry. They are easy to use, comfortable to follow, perfect for training at the office, on the road, or at home. This Microsoft Office Access 2007 Essentials Course will lead you through the improved interface and interactive design capabilities of Access 2007. You will learn how to track and report information with ease, modify pre-built applications, import data from external applications, share your database information, and much more.

• Use pre-built solutions to start tracking your information immediately. Create custom groups to organize and view all forms and reports related to a single table. Create multiple reports and save audience-specific views for different audiences. Link tables to your database from other Access databases, Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft SQL Server databases, and other data sources.

Trainer Information: Your Personal Instructor: Deanna Reynolds Deanna Reynolds has worked as a technical trainer for more than ten years teaching in both the corporate and technical college environments. Throughout her teaching career, Deanna has been privileged to work with students traveling many different career paths on a multitude of software programs including the entire Microsoft Office Suite, Web Design, Desktop Publishing, and Database Development. Deanna specializes in delivering instructor-led training and writing custom courseware that helps her students quickly become "power-users." Microsoft Access 2007: Beginner 1.0 Getting Started 2.0 Working with an Existing Table 3.0 Working with an Existing Form 4.0 Sorting and Filtering 5.0 Designing Select Queries 6.0 Form Basics 7.0 Report Basics 8.0 Printing Database Objects Microsoft Access 2007: Intermediate 1.0 Planning and Designing a Database 2.0 Building and Modifying Tables 3.0 Working with Relationships 4.0 Sharing Your Data 5.0 Enhancing Your Forms 6.0 Enhancing Your Reports Microsoft Access 2007: Advanced 1.0 Preventing Data Entry Errors 2.0 Advanced Table Design 3.0 Advanced Query Design 4.0 Advanced Form Design 5.0 Advanced Report Design 6.0 Managing Databases Microsoft Access 2007: Expert 1.0 Expertly Designed Select Queries 2.0 Action Queries 3.0 Expertly Designed Forms 4.0 Expertly Designed Reports 5.0 Data Access Pages 6.0 Macros 7.0 Database Security
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Microsoft Access 2007 Beg/Int/Adv Essentials Instructor-based Video training Online course
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