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Interactive Instructor-Based Excel 2003 Essentials Video Training Course on DVD-ROM. Computer Based Training (CBT) and Video Based Training (VBT) have emerged as the premier training tools in recent years. KeyStone Self-Paced CBT/VBT courses are known for their high quality in-depth content. Compared to traditional training methods, KeyStone courses cost less and users can learn faster while taking advantage of some of the best trainers in the industry. They are easy to use, comfortable to follow, perfect for training at the office, on the road, or at home.

Levels included: • Beginner • Intermediate • Advanced

Trainer Information: Dr. Tom Murray is a business professor and director of technical education and training at Lynchburg College located in Lynchburg, Virginia. Working closely with Microsoft on the development of Microsoft Office tutorials for over 10 years. Dr. Murray has been featured in many industry publications, including the Microsoft Innovatice Teachers' website. Recently recognized as a 2003 Microsoft Model Professional Development Site, the KeyStone Learning Systems-sponsored "" website is recommended by more than 300 websites and accessed by thousands of learners each day. Dr. Murray's Microsoft Office training is known for its superior quality and ease of use. 1.0 The Excel Screen 1.1 Overview – Loading Microsoft Excel 2003 1.2 Screen Elements – Menu and Button Bars 1.3 Screen Elements – Workbook and Spreadsheet Properties 2.0 Creating Data and Content 2.1 Enter and edit cell content 2.2 Navigate to specific cell content 2.3 Locate, select and insert supporting information 2.4 Insert, position and size graphics 2.5 Saving, closing and opening files 3.0 Analyzing Data 3.1 Filter lists using AutoFilter 3.2 Sort lists 3.3 Insert and modify formulas 3.4 Create, modify, and position diagrams and charts based on worksheet data 4.0 Formatting Data and Content 4.1 Apply and modify cell formats 4.2 Apply and modify cell styles 4.3 Modify row and column formats 4.4 Format worksheets using AutoFormat Excel 2003: Intermediate Level 1.0 Collaborating 1.1 Insert, view and edit comments 2.0 Managing Worksheets 2.1 Create new workbooks from templates 2.2 Insert, delete and move cells 2.3 Create and modify hyperlinks 2.4 Organize worksheets 2.5 Preview data in other views 2.6 Customize window layout 2.7 Setup pages for printing 2.8 Print data 2.9 Organize workbooks using file folders 2.10 Save data in appropriate formats for different uses 3.0 Organizing and Analyzing Data 3.1 Use subtotals 3.2 Define and apply advanced filters 3.3 Group and outline data 3.4 Use data validation 3.5 Create and modify list ranges 3.6 Using statistical, date and time, financial, and logical functions 3.7 Add, show, close, edit, merge and summarize scenarios 3.8 Perform data analysis using automated tools 3.9 Create PivotTable and PivotChart reports 3.10 Use Lookup and Reference functions 3.11 Use Database functions 3.12 Trace formula precedents, dependents and errors 3.13 Locate invalid data and formulas 3.14 Watch and evaluate formulas 3.15 Define, modify and use named ranges 3.16 Structure workbooks using XML Excel 2003: Advanced Level 1.0 Formatting Data and Content 1.1 Create and modify custom data formats 1.2 Use conditional formatting 1.3 Format and resize graphics 1.4 Format charts and diagrams 2.0 Collaborating 2.1 Protect cells, worksheets, and workbooks 2.2 Apply workbook security settings 2.3 Share workbooks 2.4 Merge workbooks 3.0 Managing Data and Workbooks 3.1 Import data to Excel 3.2 Export data from Excel 3.3 Publish and edit Web Worksheets and workbooks 3.4 Create and edit templates 3.5 Consolidate data 3.6 Define and modify workbook properties 4.0 Customizing Excel 4.1 Customize toolbars and menus
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Microsoft Excel 2003 Essentials - Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Instructor-based Video Training Online course
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