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This course is available as a Home Study or E-Learning course

The Radon Measurement and Inspection course is approved in all States that allow either Home Study or E-Learning courses.  A few States such as Ohio, Florida, Illinois require classroom courses.

This course is available as a Home Study or E-Learning course

 This course is especially important if you are working in the following professions:


·       Home Inspector

·       Energy Auditor

·       Professional Engineer

·       Environmental Consultant

·       Engineering Technician

·       Building Contractor

·       Radiation Technologist

·       HVAC Contractor

This course covers Radon principles, how radon enters buildings, radon testing equipment, QA/QC programs, and preparation for the NEHA or NRSB certification test.  



No previous experience with radon testing methods is needed.  Good communication skills are important.  Experience with indoor air quality and building ventilation methods will be helpful, but not required.


Course Syllabus



Unit 1 Radon Fundamentals

I.                     Atoms and Ionization (60 minutes)

II.                    Introduction to Radon and Radioactivity (120 minutes)

III.                  Sources of Radon (30 minutes)

IV.                 Health Risks (30 minutes)

Summary and Points to Remember and Practice Questions (45 minutes)


Unit 2 Radon Entry and Behavior

I.                     Basic Radon Entry Facts (45 minutes)

II.                    Mechanics of Radon Entry (30 minutes)

III.                  Indoor Radon Concentrations (60 minutes)

Summary and High-Lights and Practice Questions (30 minutes)



Unit 3 Radon Measurement

I.                     Objectives (30 minutes)

II.                    Measurement Protocols (60 minutes)

III.                  Units of Measurement (45 minutes)

IV.                 Radon Gas Monitors (45 minutes)

V.                  Radon Decay Product Monitors (30 minutes)

VI.                 Radon Measurement Proficiency (RMP) Results (40 minutes)

VII.               Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) (40 minutes)

VIII.              Radon Measurement Proficiency Program (RMPP) (30 minutes)

Study Review Guide and Practice Questions (45 minutes)




Online exams will be taken as preparation for NEHA or NRSB test.

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