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New Hampshire Workers'
Compensation Series

A comprehensive overview of the New Hampshire Workers' Compensation system including an analysis of the benefits available to an injured worker, notice requirements, average weekly wage computation, scheduled permanent impairment awards, medical benefits, weekly indemnity benefits, statute of limitations and a review of commonly litigated issues. You also will learn about the hearing process at the New Hampshire Department of Labor and common defenses to New Hampshire claims.  

3 hours in presentation format with audio instruction

New Hampshire Workers' Compensation Insurance System Overview
Learn the ins and outs of how insurance companies operate in New Hampshire. This module covers the technical aspects of insurance in New Hampshire including how insurance underwriters determine the premium employers pay and what factors drive up the cost of a workers' compensation in New Hampshire.  

Legal Module 1: Overview of the New Hampshire Workers' Compensation System
This module provides a broad overview of the New Hampshire Workers' Compensation system and law including a review of the available benefits to an injured worker: medical benefits, weekly indemnity benefits, permanent impairment awards, vocational benefits and temporary alternative duty/right to reinstatement. This module also provides an overview of adjusting N.H. claims: including filing of appropriate forms with the N.H. Department of Labor, calculating the average weekly wage, statutory deadlines for the employers and insurance carriers and assessing the compensability of claims.  

Legal Module 2: Key Issues in New Hampshire Workers' Compensation System - Part I
In this module, you will learn in more detail about commonly encountered issues in New Hampshire claims and common defenses including whether New Hampshire has jurisdiction, idiopathic defenses (including preexisting conditions), the coming and going rule, employee misconduct, assessing an aggravation versus a recurrence, determining the date of injury for cumulative trauma injuries, employee-employer relationship, domestic employee status, using independent medical exams and the circumstances that require the carrier to pay the claimant's attorney's fees.  

Legal Module 3: Key Issues in New Hampshire Workers' Compensation System - Part II
This module provides a detailed review of complex and common issues under the N.H. workers compensation act such as carrier subrogation rights, settlement of claims (both compensable and non-compensable), claimant's incarceration, the right to reinstatement and temporary alternative duty (including carrier-employer conflict of interest), using vocational rehabilitation, medical case management, managed care networks, assessing second injury fund claims and adjusting death claims.  

Legal Module 4: New Hampshire Workers' Compensation Legal Update
This live or recorded Webinar provides updated information on recent New Hampshire Supreme Court decisions, New Hampshire Department of Labor Administrative Rule and procedure changes and legislative changes to the Workers' Compensation law.  

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