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This course introduces the learner to features and components of test plans. The course covers features and uses of different types of system testing. The course also introduces the learner to acceptance testing features and the acceptance testing framework.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify components required to prepare testing goals for a test plan.
  • Identify issues that should be considered while developing test strategies.
  • Identify criteria based on which software features are prioritized.
  • Identify software issues that can affect project development and delivery.
  • Identify key concepts related to preparing test data.
  • Identify key concepts for planning a test environment.
  • Match features of different types of testing estimation methods.
  • Identify different sections of a test plan template.
  • Identify features of integration tests.
  • Match different types of system tests with their features.
  • Identify features of functional tests.
  • Identify features of regression tests.
  • Identify key concepts of acceptance tests.
  • Identify features of the FitNesse acceptance testing framework.
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