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Need to pass the Michigan state adjuster exam? Our Michigan Exam Prep Packages take the anxiety out of testing. Do you need the Michigan Adjuster Exam Prep or the Adjuster Exam Prep WITH Workers' Compensation?

Pass your state's adjuster exam the first time! The state adjuster exam can be challenging to both newcomer and veteran alike and knowing what and how to study makes all the difference. AdjusterPro's 100% online package nails the fundamentals of adjusting while delivering advanced training to new adjusters in the critical tools of the trade.

This online training offers you an exciting opportunity to do something simple - stay at home. For many, our self-paced 100% online program offers a more convenient and cost-effective way to meet the state requirement while preparing you to pass the state adjuster exam. The Certificate of Completion is issued upon successful completion of our online course.

Michigan Adjuster WITH Workers' Compensation Exam Prep Includes:
  1. 100% online, self-paced, smart-phone compatible Michigan Adjuster WITH Workers' Compensation specific exam prep course
  2. Downloadable and print-friendly .pdf document of entire course content
  3. Unlimited Practice Exams
This course is online and can be taken at your convenience. Register below and begin today!

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Michigan Adjuster Exam Prep - With Workers' Compensation Online course
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