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This course focuses on the core component of every computer, CPUs, including the types and characteristics of CPUs, CPU socket form factors and considerations, and how to keep CPUs cool during normal operation. This course will also cover other important facets of computing such as connection speeds, wireless connections, and power supplies. This course prepares the learner for CompTIA A+ exam 220-801.

Learning Objectives
  • Match the characteristics of modern x86 processors to their descriptions
  • Recognize types of CPUs
  • Describe the characteristics of CPU sockets
  • Recognize ways to control the heat generated by CPUs
  • Describe how to manage and maintain CPUs
  • Match the physical I/O connection types to their description
  • Match the wireless technologies to their descriptions
  • Distinguish between different types of form factors
  • Describe the considerations involved in choosing a power supply
  • Propose a connectivity solution for a given scenario
  • Determine the power supply requirements for a system
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