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Microsoft Windows 8 is the latest version of the Microsoft Windows PC desktop operating system. This version incorporates a default Windows 8 tablet-style interface and represents a significant upgrade from previous versions of Windows. The more conventional Windows 7 style desktop is still available as part of Windows 8, but with a number of upgrades. This course will introduce learners to the various ways they can use and manage apps in Windows 8. Specific topics include how to arrange apps and desktop applications on the screen, using Task Manager and the Windows Store, integrating Windows accounts, and using integrated apps.

Learning Objectives
  • Use Windows 8 snap feature to arrange running apps on the screen
  • Install and update apps from the Windows 8 Store
  • Uninstall a Windows 8 app or program
  • Integrate accounts for a given Windows 8 app
  • Manage applications using Task Manager
  • Perform basic admin tasks with Windows 8 apps
  • Integrate accounts with an app
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