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The Basics
  • What are spreadsheets and workbooks?
  • Moving around in Excel
  • Understanding the Excel interface
  • Getting Help
  • Tips for exporting to QuickBooks
Working with Excel & QuickBooks Together
  • Sending reports to a new workbook
  • Transferring reports to an existing workbook
  • Moving and naming worksheets
  • Aligning, deleting, and inserting worksheets
  • Changing report headings
  • Selecting, moving, merging, and editing cells
  • Deleting columns, non-adjacent columns, and rows
Formatting in Excel
  • Creating the look you want 
  • Adding borders 
  • Accounting vs. Currency styles 
  • Using the Format painter 
  • Adding tab colors and comments
  • Freezing panes (so column and row headings don't disappear when you scroll through reports) 
  • Understanding date formats and why dates sometimes appear as numbers 
Calculations and Formulas
  • Relative vs. absolute references (understanding the difference and when to use each!)
  • Creating and copying formulas 
  • Array formulas (what is it and when to use)
  • 3-D formulas…a powerful Excel trick!
  • Using the formula checker (a very powerful Excel feature) 
Summarizing and Analyzing Data in Excel
  • How to analyze numbers in Excel
  • Using the count, average, and mean functions
  • Collapsing Excel reports (to hide and show relevant data)
  • Using the Auto Outline feature 
  • Filtering reports in Excel
  • Grouping and sorting data
  • Pivot tables…what are they and how do you use them?
  • Using What If analysis 
Real World Applications
  • Creating an amortization schedule
  • Building an expense reimbursement form 
  • Speeding up bank reconciliations 
  • Creating graphs of QuickBooks data (in Excel!)
  • Importing lists from Excel into QuickBooks
  • Importing IIF files into QuickBooks 
Customizing Excel
  • Creating personalized toolbars 
  • Building your own menus
  • Changing the screen layout
  • Password protecting Excel files 
  • Setting the default format 
Shortcuts and Saving Time
  • Creating macros to automate Excel steps
  • Shortcuts using the mouse
  • Shortcuts using the keyboard
  • Printing tricks and tips 


The Basics
  • What are files and templates?
  • Moving around in Word
  • Understanding the Word interface
  • Using different layout views
  • Getting Help 
Working with Word and QuickBooks Together
  • Using the QuickBooks to Word link 
  • Creating a letter from scratch
  • Converting an existing Word document 
  • Modifying the Word letters
  • Creating invoice cover letters 
  • Fixing “missing information” errors 
Word Techniques
  • Working with Word documents 
  • Understanding document compatibility issues 
  • Setting the Auto Recover options
  • Entering, selecting, dragging, dropping, cutting, copying, pasting, and deleting in Word 
  • Using the built-in spelling and grammar checkers
Formatting in Word
  • Understanding and using the Home tab
  • Customizing fonts 
  • Highlighting fonts 
  • Using the format painter feature 
  • Creating and using bulleted and numbered lists 
  • Setting tabs, tab stops, and indents 
  • Creating and using styles and style sheets 
  • Adjusting margins 
  • Setting page breaks 
  • Printing word documents
Working with Document Objects in Word
  • Adding company logo to letters 
  • Re-sizing and re-positioning objects
  • Creating watermarks 
  • Using Word symbols 
  • Using and modifying clip art and other pictures 
  • Working with tables 
  • Importing tables from Excel
  • Inserting files
  • Adding “Hyperlinks” to documents, web pages, and spreadsheets 
Customizing Word
  • Creating smart tags to use Word information in other programs
  • Creating personalized toolbars
  • Building your own menus 
  • Changing the screen layout 
  • Password protecting files 
  • Setting the default format 
  • Tracking changes in Word 
Shortcuts and Saving Time
  • Using keyboard shortcuts to find information
  • Other keyboard shortcuts 
  • Auto correcting Word documents 
  • Using different languages 
  • Creating and using Word templates
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