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R Programming video collection

30 videos    $99.00
Title Author Info
Computing the Mean 3 minutes
Computing the Median 3 minutes
Computing the Mode 6 minutes
Creating Bar Charts 4 minutes
Creating Box Plots 3 minutes
Creating Histograms 6 minutes
Creating Line Plots 3 minutes
Creating Pie Charts 3 minutes
Creating Scatter Plots 5 minutes
Debugging with Browser and Debug 5 minutes
Debugging with Traceback; Print; and Cat 6 minutes
Exporting Graphics 4 minutes
Formatting Tabular Data 5 minutes
Generating Pseudorandom Numbers 6 minutes
Handling Missing Data 3 minutes
Importing Data from a CSV Text File 4 minutes
Importing Data from an Excel Spreadsheet 5 minutes
Input and Output Functions 4 minutes
Installing R 4 minutes
Installing Rstudio 3 minutes
Introduction to Basic Data Types 4 minutes
Introduction to Control Structures 8 minutes
Introduction to the R Environment 5 minutes
Introduction to Vectors and Matrices 9 minutes
Measuring Correlation 4 minutes
Measuring Mean Absolute Deviation 4 minutes
Measuring Variance and Standard Deviation 3 minutes
Using the Built-In Data Sets 5 minutes
Using the CRAN: Comprehensive R Archive Network 5 minutes
Creating Functions 5 minutes
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R Programming video collection
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