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Hyper-V combined with flexible storage solutions and Windows Clustering can create a remarkably fluid server infrastructure that responds to the 24/7/365 demands of modern business. In this course, you'll explore those options native to Windows Server 2016.
  • start the course
  • identify requirements for implementing Storage Spaces Direct
  • configure Storage Spaces Direct using Windows PowerShell
  • implement a cluster using a disaggregated Storage Spaces Direct configuration
  • implement a cluster using a hyper-converged Storage Spaces Direct configuration
  • configure role-specific settings, including continuously available shares
  • configure VM monitoring options
  • configure failover and preference settings
  • implement stretch and site-aware failover clusters
  • enable and configure node fairness
  • define the requirements of S2D for a given scenario
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Server 2016 - Install, Store, and Compute: Managing High Availability Solutions Online course
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