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Materials presented in this online overview provides you with a comprehensive two hour review and understanding of the Nebraska workers’ compensation laws. Nebraska statutes, as well as the Rules of the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court and opinions of the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Judges and State Appellate Court Judges, were utilized for this presentation. These materials are presented in the belief that it is important for anyone involved in this industry to have a thorough understanding of statutory and case law.

Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Insurance System Overview

Learn the ins and outs of how insurance companies operate in Nebraska. This module covers the technical aspects of insurance in Nebraska including how insurance underwriters determine the premium employers pay and what factors drive up the cost of a workers’ compensation insurance policy.

Legal Module 1: Who is Entitled to Benefits

This module covers in detail the concepts of who is entitled to benefits under the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Laws and in what instances those individuals are entitled to benefits under Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Law. This module explores the many aspects of the very simple phrase, “arising out of and in the course of employment” as that provision has been interpreted by the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Judges as well as the Nebraska Appellate Court Judges. This module identifies defenses that the employer and insurer may raise in a workers’ compensation setting. This module briefly discusses statute of limitation issues. The module ends with a general discussion of what employers are covered under the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation statute as well as the “loaned servant doctrine”.

Legal Module 2: Medical Benefits and Related Issues 

This module contains an in depth discussion and introduction to medical benefits and medical care provided for the injured worker, one of the major purposes of the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act. This module will discuss the types of medical expenses that get paid on behalf of an injured worker. This module will discuss how and in what manner medical professionals are used. This module will also explore other related medical issues, in particular, procedural issues involving the rights of the respective parties in the choice of a physician.

Legal Module 3: Disability Benefits

This module will discuss the determination and calculation of the average weekly wage and when the payment of benefits start. This module will also explore the treatment of the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court and the Nebraska Appellate Courts as relates to the payment of temporary total disability, scheduled member compensation, permanent partial disability and total disability. This module will also explore the use of the vocational rehabilitation counselor by the Workers’ Compensation ourt as well as the role of the vocational rehabilitation counselor on the issue of retraining the injured worker. This module will discuss the payment of death benefits required by the Nebraska statutes.

Module 4: Nebraska Workers' Compensation Legal Update

This live or recorded Webinar provides updated information on new Nebraska Supreme Court and Court of Appeal cases, decisions of the Workers Compensation Judges or Review Panels, and legislative changes. You can choose to attend the annual live session or view a recorded version at a more convenient date throughout the year.


One exam is included in the Nebrask Workers' Compensation Series. It consists of 50 questions with a 90 minute time period.
You must first take the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Series training modules before taking this exam. You will have one attempt to pass this exam. The pass mark is 75%.


About the Expert:


Scheldrup Blades Schrock Sand Aranza PC focuses primarily on the areas of workers' compensation, civil trial, insurance defense, personal injury defense, labor and employment law, and employee benefits litigation.

The Firm consists primarily of attorneys who started their legal careers with large firms in major cities and who have brought their experiences back to Iowa and Nebraska to serve clients throughout these states.

This Firm is the only firm to have offices in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa and Omaha ,Nebraska, the largest metropolitan areas in these states and the centers of more than 60% of the population of these two states.

For further inquiries concerning the Firm, please call 319-286-1743 or visit www.scheldruplaw.com

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