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Taking our Sexual Harassment training course will help managers to recognize the early signs of sexual harassment and how to deal with it if it does arise between your employees. Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that violates Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act as amended in 1972 and consists of unwanted, unwelcome sexual advances or sexual conduct in the workplace that has the effect of unreasonably interfering with a person's work performance.

Do not let sexual harassment at your job happen by knowing how to prevent it and how to deal with it from training professionals and learn from our self-study Sexual Harassment training videos. With our Sexual Harassment training course, you never have to leave your office or home since all learning is done on your computer. You will learn from full-motion and self-study Sexual Harassment training videos that feature interactive components that make learning fun and informative.

Once you are done with the course, we also offer various other soft skills training courses, too.

Sexual Harassment
  • What Is Sexual Harassment
  • Business and Professional Development
  • Defining Sexual Harassment
  • Common Circumstances
  • Sexual Harassment Examples
  • The Costs of Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment and Its After Effects
  • Exercise 1
The Legal Issues Surrounding Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment Laws
  • Types of Sexual Harassment
  • Employers Responsibility for Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment Behaviors
  • Identifying Behaviors of Sexual Harassment
  • Non-Verbal Sexual Harassment Behaviors
  • Five Sexual Harassment Behaviors
  • The Impact of Sexual Harassment on the Workplace
How to Take Action against Sexual Harassment
  • Identifying and Preventing Sexual Harassment
  • What Should Sexual Harassment Victims do?
  • When A Co-Worker is Being Harassed
Management Issues
  • Considering Sexual Harassment Policies
  • Why a Company Needs a Sexual Harassment Policy
  • What Should a Sexual Harassment Policy Contain?
  • Implications of Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment Summary
  • Course Summary
About Your Instructor:
Lynne Wiekert started her career as a consultant in 1986 at Accenture Consulting. Working in both business and IT, Lynne continued her career as a manager, trainer and mentor to clients as well as her teams.

She began actively training people for the PMP certification and other business skills in 2002. Lynne has worked in a variety of industries including Retail, Banking, Government, Pharmaceutical and Waste Management Services.

Sexual Harassment CBT Training Videos on DVD

Additionally, our self-study Sexual Harassment CBT training can teach managers to recognize the early signs of sexual harassment, effectively giving them the tools and training they need to circumvent the behavior before it gets out of control and leads to expensive lawsuits.

Training individuals to recognize sexual harassment for what it is can minimize hostility in workplace, improve managerial relationships with the employees, and enhance working conditions, which is why it is important to take our self-paced Sexual Harassment computer based training videos today!

Since our Sexual Harassment training DVD is self-governed, you or your employees never have to miss work or go to a class. This computer based training is also great for really important managers who would like the freedom to learn whenever is convenient to them. The best thing is that you can learn on the go when taking our self-study Sexual Harassment CBT course if you have a laptop with you.

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