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To enable the learner to identify and work with Java operators, expressions, selection statements, and loop constructs

Learning Objectives
  • Java operators - use Java's operators to build expressions and determine the value of an expression variable for a given code sample.
  • Assignments and expressions in Java - use assignment operators to build and evaluate an expression, and evaluate a compound expression using operator precedence.
  • Primitive casting and conversions in Java - identify valid primitive type conversions and casting operations.
  • Working with Java operators and expressions - use Java operators to create expressions and compare integers in a specific application.
  • Selection statements in Java - write if and switch statements for a given scenario.
  • Java while and do-while loops - specify the code to use Java's while and do-while loop constructs to perform iteration, and identify the functions of the break and continue keywords.
  • The Java for loop construct - specify the code to use Java's standard and enhanced for loop constructs to perform iteration over arrays and multi-dimensional arrays.
  • Using flow control in Java - create selection statements and loop constructs for a given scenario.
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