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To enable the learner to create and work with Java classes and objects

Learning Objectives
  • Classes, objects, and messages in Java - identify how encapsulation affects a Java class, and pass messages between objects.
  • Creating Java classes - identify the code required to declare a specific class and a constructor for a class.
  • Creating methods - identify the code required to declare a method and implement a variable argument list in a method for a given scenario, and declare a variable in a class based on that variable's scope.
  • Creating classes and methods - write an appropriate class and method declaration, and pass variable arguments to a method.
  • Working with Java objects - create an object, call an object's method, and assign the result of the method to an existing variable for a given scenario.
  • Type safe enums - create, iterate over, and switch on type safe enums in J2SE 5.0.
  • Creating objects and enums - create a Java enumeration and object, iterate over the enumeration's values, and call one of the object's methods.
  • Declaring and importing Java packages - create a package in a given scenario, and import classes, static methods, and variables into a source file.
  • Controlling access using Java access modifiers - identify the appropriate level of access to apply to classes, variables, methods, and constructors for a given scenario.
  • Using Java packages and access modifiers - create and import a specific Java package, import static methods and variables into a source file, and identify the access levels of the class members in that package.
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