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To recognize how users are authenticated and authorized, implement URL authorization, configure different types of authentication, and implement secure ASP.NET state management

Learning Objectives
  • Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET - distinguish between ASP.NET authentication modes and recognize how authorization works in ASP.NET.
  • URL and File Authorization - implement URL and file authorization in a given scenario.
  • Implementing URL Authorization - apply URL authorization.
  • Windows Authentication - implement Windows authentication in a given scenario.
  • Forms Authentication - implement forms authentication in a given scenario.
  • Custom, Anonymous, and Passport Authentication - implement custom or anonymous authentication in a given scenario and implement Passport authentication in a given scenario.
  • ASP.NET Impersonation - configure ASP.NET impersonation in a given scenario.
  • Implementing Authentication and Impersonation - implement different authentication methods and configure impersonation.
  • Maintaining State - secure the different session state management methods supported by ASP.NET.
  • Implementing Secure ASP.NET Tokens - implement secure ASP.NET Tokens in a given scenario.
  • Securing ASP.NET State Management - implement secure ASP.NET state management.
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