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To enable the learner to work with reference types and threads in Java

Learning Objectives
  • Converting reference types in Java - identify valid reference type conversions between classes, interfaces, and arrays.
  • Casting between Java reference types - identify valid casting operations between classes, interfaces, and arrays for a given scenario.
  • Cloning and comparing Java objects - use the methods of the Object class and Comparable interface to clone and compare Java objects for a given scenario.
  • Working with Java reference types - clone, compare, and cast Java reference types.
  • Introduction to Java multithreading - use the Thread class and Runnable interface to create a multithreaded application for a given scenario.
  • Java thread states and priorities - specify the code involved in changing a thread's state and priority.
  • Synchronizing Java threads - synchronize thread access to code in a multithreaded application for a given scenario.
  • Creating a multithreaded Java program - create a multithreaded program in a given scenario.
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Java Programming with Java SE 6.0: Reference Types and Threading Online course
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