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To enable the learner to use the classes and methods of the java.lang, java.util,, and java.nio packages

Learning Objectives
  • The Math class - use the methods of the Java Math class to determine the value of a variable in a given piece of code, and associate the new methods of the Math class with their corresponding functions.
  • The wrapper classes - recognize what wrapper classes are and how they're used, and also use the utility methods of the Java wrapper classes to parse strings into numeric values, transform values back into strings or other primitive types, and test values.
  • Managing Java wrapper types - use the new methods of the Integer and Long wrapper classes to manipulate bits for a given scenario, and identify the function and benefits associated with autoboxing and auto-unboxing in Java SE 6.0.
  • Java String, StringBuffer, and StringBuilder classes - specify the code required to test the equality of strings, carry out pattern matching in regular expressions, and modify strings and string buffers for a given scenario.
  • The Arrays class and its methods - use the copyOf and copyOfRange methods of the Arrays class to copy arrays in a given scenario.
  • Java system operations - specify the code required to modify system resources for a given scenario.
  • Interacting with the system - specify the code required to launch system properties, load resources, and handle dates and times.
  • Collection Framework interfaces - manipulate and traverse the elements of a collection for a given scenario.
  • Using the Collection Framework in Java - use Java's Collection class to modify, sort, and search a collection in a given scenario.
  • Monitoring and management - identify the monitoring and management support features and enhancements in Java SE 6.0.
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