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Home networking is becoming increasingly important with the proliferation of PC home ownership, advancements in telecommunications technology and increase in teleworking and home business. Windows XP facilitates easy setup of a small network. This course introduces the concept of home networking, the technologies involved and the various possible topologies. It then covers planning and setup of a home network, security considerations and firewall use and troubleshooting guidelines for the most common problem areas. After the course, the learner will understand the area of home networking and be in a position to setup and maintain one.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify benefits of home networking.
  • Identify types of home networking technologies.
  • Identify common types of home networking layouts.
  • Identify the options available in the Network Setup Wizard.
  • Share a printer.
  • Identify considerations for protecting your home network by using Internet Connection Firewall (ICF).
  • Identify the main home networking troubleshooting areas.
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