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This objective of this course is to give the learner a comprehensive introduction to the capabilities and tools of Paint Shop Pro 8. Painting and Drawing tools are covered, as is the creation and management of images and various color management guidelines. Paint Shop Pro's useful Browser tool is covered.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify features of the Paint Shop Pro 8 interface.
  • Identify functions of Paint Shop Pro Browser.
  • Match options for creating new images with their descriptions.
  • Identify ways of importing images into Paint Shop Pro.
  • Identify ways of managing images in Paint Shop Pro.
  • Identify types of selection tools.
  • Identify types of manipulation tools.
  • Identify types of raster tools.
  • Identify types of vector drawing tools.
  • Identify options on the Tool Options palette.
  • Identify key features of color in graphics.
  • Identify options on the Materials palette.
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